Something to think about during an interview

The next time you go for a job interview as a potential ‘perfect fit’ for a position for which you’ve applied, and we’ve all done it at one time or another, here’s something to consider: in a recent article in

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New Business Partnerships

On 28 December 2010, CETS opened a dialogue with Bose Corporation in Framingham, Massachusetts and The Blender Foundation in the Netherlands (specifically Amsterdam). While Bose will not be CETS’ sole provider for Computing Solutions Audio, depending on the configuration of

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Channel Partnerships for motherboards

CETS has initiated negotiations with ASUSTek and TYAN Corporations of China as the leading manufacturers of motherboards sold in the United States and is awaiting word on the decision from both companies, which is expected to come shortly. This would

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Third Channel Partnership, 2nd CP to be given exclusivity

CETS has completed negotiations for its 3rd Channel Partnership and a second exclusivity to Seagate Technologies for its Solid State storage system technology for desktop, mobile and server storage solutions.  Seagate also markets storage solutions that include SSD / HDD

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Achievement of exclusive Channel Partnership with RAM Manufacturer

Following up from  a previous article dated 6 August 2010, Chrysallid Enterprise Technology Solutions has just awarded an exclusive Channel Partnership to Crucial Technologies,  the largest RAM Manufacturer headquartered in the United States. Crucial is a subsidiary of Lexar Media,

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CETS achieves first Channel Partnership

Chrysallid Enterprise Technology Solutions has just achieved Channel Partner status with the first of more than 20 technology vendors. As of about 12 August 2010, CETS has achieved Channel Partner status with Intel, one of four makers of motherboards and

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CETS to build systems exclusively using x64 architecture

CETS is apparently going to be the first company to build desktop, mobile, workstation and server systems that are exclusively x64 (that is, systems that have exclusively 64-bit architectures). Other companies do build x64 systems, but apparently none build systems

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