About the Founder

Mr. Booker is an experienced, knowledgable TECHNOLOGY, MEDIA & TELECOMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING MANAGER and THE FOUNDER and PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT OF CHRYSALLID ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, whose non – standard approach in the Information Systems & Technology Industry has always been to initiate game – changing, disruptive strategies to overturn the status quo and make the biggest, longest lasting impact possible

These same, often disruptive strategies, have also allowed me to become expert at developing effective rapport and ongoing strategic professional relationships with C-level, B2B, B2E and individual clients by providing technology advice and consultation, and was formerly repeatedly recognized as a valued advisor by senior management and who has repeatedly demonstrated expertise includes but is not limited to Systems and Network Administration, Technology Deployments, Network Integration, Server Installation, Server Administration, Asset Management and Cost Optimization.

Mr. Booker’s professional experience includes but is not limited to Contracted Projects with AT&T, Baker Hughes Petroleum, HP, Dell and IBM.

In the course of most or all of his Contract Projects or through Direct Hire employment, including with the companies listed above, he has either served in a Value Added Reseller Capacity for, or those companies have been Professional Channel Partners, often both, with Adobe Systems, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Creative Labs, Intel, Logitech, NVidia, Novell Networks, Oracle Networks, Panasonic, Philips Electronic Research, Seagate, Toshiba and Trend Micro.

In terms of Asset Management, Mr. Booker has cumulatively Managed, Maintained and Safeguarded approximately $1.2 billion dollars in both Military and Civilian assets, including a cumulative $118 million in computing system and other technology assets.

He is also a ‘Community Ambassador’ on YouTube.com, InsideTech.com and LinkedIn.com, and is a member in good standing of CIO Magazine’s Custom Solutions Group Peer 2 Peer Research Panel. Mr. Booker is the Manager / Moderator of 2 discussion groups on InsideTech.com, 3 discussion groups on YouTube.com and a frequent participant in group discussion in more than 10 groups on LinkedIn.com.

Among Mr. Booker’s previous professional achievements, he has:

  • Facilitated discussions of design alternatives with all key stakeholders, drive quickly to decisions and action plans and subsequently document and communicate those design decisions
  • Successfully facilitated consultation on SAP systems and ERP applications currently in use for training, compliance and performance management by providing timely knowledgeable data on SAP systems including SAP R/3; ERP applications including Adempiere, Compiere, Dolibarr and Fedena
  • Successfully facilitated consultation on IBM i/OS / iSeries / i5 / AS400 Hardware by providing timely and knowledgeable data on various IBM systems as above and applications including AIX, UNIX and Windows Server OS, historical release data and Hardware Specifications
  • Tracked the progress of TCO projects and work with business units to address issues and risks associated with implementation
  • Ensured that architecture designs are consistent with industry best practices, infrastructure reference architecture templates and supports clients Strategic Operating IT plan
  • Developed custom solutions that include construction of functional and detailed design based on the needs of the client

Additionally, Mr. Booker maintains Board or Member alliances with the following Companies and Learning Groups: Computing Technology Industry Association, Novell Networks, Dell Certified Systems Expert, Oracle Networks and Microsoft, as well as with the Sun Microsystems Developer’s Network, Intel Atom Developer’s Network, Microsoft Developer’s Network and the Outward Bound Alumni Association, the last of which Mr. Booker holds current Alumni status with.

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